E-Line Lite Kit

Sup y'all...

Just a quick question. I'm planning on lighting up my YZ426, and just wanted to get some feed back on what light kits you've got running or have tried. I'm looking at the E-Line kit. Comes complete at around $800. I've also checked out the Baja Designs, pretty nice setup, not as much power, but also a bit cheaper at about $500.

Thanks in advance.


If all your looking for is the minimum in lighting Moose sells a lighting setup for around $200.00 I have one on my 426. In NH it will get you an inspection sticker and maybe killed if you try to ride at night.



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Hey Dodger im looking for lights for my 01,426 also....Did you find any other hot setups other than the E-Line...I talked to Ricky Stator this Morning and he seens to think that its the best way to go...But thats a extra pound of rotating weight..Please let me know if you find anything trick...SoCaMan192@aol.com...Thanks

A stator from a 2001 WR426 is only $150 online. It puts out somewhere in the 120-130 watt range (everywhere I look, I see a different wattage spec so I'm not sure), but that will run a DOT-approved 55/60 W headlight and 5/20 W taillight with no problem.

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