03 wr450 starter parts.

I am looking to upgrade my 03 wr450f starter to the 04 wr450 starter.

Damper 5TJ-15560-01-00

2X thrust washers 90201-105A8-00

Idler gear cover plate 5TJ-1549B-00-00

Bushing for idler gear shaft 90380-10002-00

Please let me know what you have or if you can link me to the vendor site. Thanks in advance,

Did you look in the thumper talk parts store in the OEM section? I have also bought OEMparts from Motorsport.com

I just found it on facebook Lol! I can save over $80 buying it from here. Is that all the parts i need to convert it? Kinda of new with this stuff. Thanks in advance,

It's been a few years since I did my bike so i don't remember exactly . But that looks right as to what you need. Don't get too stressed out about doing the conversion, it's not bad depending on how mechanically inclined you are.

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Very interested in knowing what the whole list consists of. My starter on my 03 is long gone, and would like to upgrade it. Kicking it just gets plain old.

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