bead blast a running motor

Me wonders, if it could be done. Remove the engine from the frame and seal up the intake and exhaust and glass bead blast it (XL600R)

Can't see that turning out well.

I think you could do it, if you have to. Seal all the openings REAL WELL with expanding plugs, block off plates, etc. I'd cover up the countershaft seal, kick shaft and shift shaft seal area somehow just for safety. If you do this, let us know how it turns out!

not on my high priority list of things to do, and the engine runs really well and has no signs of ever being apart. The red paint is worn and looks like crap. I wish Honda would of left them aluminum like the XR600.

One day though. And of course I wrestle with just doing a top end on it and while apart doing it correctly, while apart.

Or.... maybe I could find a XR650L motor and stuff in it. But they are not as torquey as the XL600 and geared differently. Mostly because as we know they came from the NX650.

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