Temp change. Red needle to blue.

Has anyone had to change to the blue needle due to the cool temp( with the JD kit)? My wr 450 was cutting out at mid rmp and kinda took care of it (blue needle 4th groove) cool temp low humid at about 600 elevation. Just wondering.

No, but riding 80F, 3000', had to switch from blue#3 to red#4 to cure 1/8 - 1/4 steady throttle stumble/miss. Dont know if this helps, thought I'd throw it out there.


On my WR426 I ran Red5 this summer, over 80 degrees. Switched to Blue3 under 70 degrees. Current jetting is good between 40 and 70. We get 50 deg. difference in riding temps throughout the year and these two setups cover the whole range.


100 posts, your prize will be sent UPS today. Congrats

How is the jetting working out?

I have been bronzed! So far so good. Since I remade a sweet JamesNow out of copper plate, and went to the 42pj with red#4, my bike pulls hard throughout the entire range. Except for the slight (very slight) bog on throttle whack and slightly hanging idle, I would say I am very close to being dialed. I am going to try to reinstate my ACV and tinker with my GB mod to polish everything off. How is your "new" bike (YZ timing, YZ seat/tank)? I have been thinking about going to the YZ seat and tank. Big difference?


The YZ seat, tank setup it great. Feels very thin compared to stock. The YZ timing is also a keeper. The mid and upper RPM's is explosive. If anything was lost on the bottom its minimal.

JD blue in clip 3 or 4 is working well at 50 to 60 degrees at 700 feet elevation. :)

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