XR650L - Front for protectors

Any suggestions: I am seeking front fork protectors like a CRF etc...; want to dump the OEM rubber accordians... Also, I don't want those that are molded into the front number plate. Black if possible? Let me know.

How about some black side panels too?

Thanks in advance.

Mahalo, TZAR

Sorry: its Front "Fork" Protectors... Rushing...

Keep the current front fork accordians. I have 42,000 miles on my 1995 XR650. It still has the original seals and bushings, and my forks have only been serviced twice since May 1996.

Hey Tzar,

Summers Racing Components has those plastic guards ,but the attach to a fork brace(which might be good for supermotard).The web site is www.srcinc.net/ or just use a search engine.They have lotsa Xr stuff. :)

MotoChris is all over it! I have the front fork brace and the protectors very nice and they work well. The stock boots keep dirt in.

Good luck



I'm gonna order the Summers Racing Components kit. Cool! I already have a fork brace from SuperBrace...

Much Mahalos!



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