Hebo install

Just received my Hebo unit today. Searched archives for installation tips and pics on the install. The posted pics are no longer available thru photo point. Any pics on the installation and or pointers would be greatly appreciated. I haven't had a chance to review the directions yet, but thought it would be nice to review some pics and tips before I get started.



Hey Bud, I think you had better stop day dreaming about your YZ426,and hit those books, so you will be ready to go out and ride soon. Sorry,I just had to flip you a little crap. Let me know when you are ready for the install, I will be happy to come over and help you try and screw it up.


I just installed one a week ago and it wasn't to bad the instruction could use a little help. when i installed mine there was some photo's but i could not find them anymore.YOU CAN DO IT.

I made copies of the pictures and still have them from when I installed mine. I'll try to scan them and if they turn out good I can send them to you. If they won't scan due to some oil, grease and sweat smudges, you can send your address and I'll send them to you since I'm done with them. I know I used them alot when I was installing mine.


Originally posted by PK:

I made copies of the pictures and still have them from when I installed mine. I'll try to scan them and if they turn out good I can send them to you.


Thanks Pat. Actually I was able to find the pics of the install posted on the WR board. Install looks pretty straight forward. I will probably fabricate an alum. bracket to bolt the slave unit to, rather than using the stock cable holder coming off the cylinder. I'll let you know how the install goes and maybe post a few pics.




Heck ya, if you get some kind of mount made let me know. Mine has been tiewrapped since I put it on and although it works great, I would like a more solid mounting system. While I was installing my Hebo, the biggest problem I had was the compression release cable was too short to put it where I wanted it, thus I had to move the clutch further out on the bar than I really wanted. I have since installed my compression release lever between the clutch master cylinder and the bar, just a little inboard of the clutch mounting perch. I used my favorite tool, the Dremel, and slowly ground off the excess slag off of the master cylinder and then went to work on the compression release mount. I ground it down till it fit in there perfectly. That enabled me to move the clutch inboard about 2-3" further than I could before so I can just use my index finger on it.

How did your install go?


Hello Giys For alot of info on Hebo Clutches go to these posts on the WR400/426 side.

Hebo Hydraulic Clutch Photos

Hebo Hydraulic Clutch from www.erider.ws

Juice Clutch?

I have one and love it, just one thing to do before riding with one. The Hebo has a plastic site glass on the master cylinder, please make a cover of plastic or light metal to put over glass. I had a rock get past the handgaurds and break glass. Clutch does'nt work to good without oil. Good luck

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