Quiet exhaust? 2007

Hey I have a 07 WR450F, looking for a bit more punch without the noise.. I am thinking either 07 yz oem exhaust, 08-09 shorty oem, fmf q4,or white bro xcr. I cant stand loud exhaust, but this stocker looks like a pea shooter and really slows the bike down. I tried pulling the pea shooter but it sounded like total trash.

I was wondering If I could get input on how loud the stock 07, 08-09 oem mufflers are. thanks


The 08-09 system will be quieter than the 07 but you will need the header too because it is a larger diameter to help compensate for the short muffler.

Changing your cams will give you more punch than any exhaust ever could.

I went with the GYTR performance quiet insert for my son's WR250F. They make the same thing for the WR450F. It improved the WR250F performance significantly. And, it doesnt make it too loud.


I also owned an '08 YZ450F with the stock exhaust system (what you are calling the shorty OEM). It is very loud and doesnt perform that well (head pipe too big and ruins low end power). If I started the bike in my garage, it was literally deafening. I added the PMB end cap to provide a spark arrestor since I rode in National Forests. Ultimately I replaced the entire system with a Leo Vince SS system that worked great. I sold the bike shortly thereafter, to find something a bit more trailworthy and plate-able.

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