I hear they moved you and Kennedy up.

Mike #86 is staying in Amt. till he wins again.

Give Tom a run for it at Sarival.

I'll be there to cheer you on.

I can't wait till I can ride again!!!!!

Picked up my CTi2 today, now I just gotta get healed up.

Did you get your Asteriks? I am going to order one for the "good knee".

Hi F,

Yea, I got the call to move up from triple A to the Bigs yesterday. Guess I'll be dicing with you once you get healed. I'll just have to gun for Wing-man and the rest of the Experts until you're back on the scene.

I knew this was coming sooner or later, just hope I can bring home some hardware now and then now...

Got my Asterisks on Saturday, still need to adjust them but they appear to be very well made.

See you at Sarival on Sunday.

Racer XXX


Testing my original name

Hey! it works!

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Hey Paul looks like you got too fast too soon!! :)

Now you get to line up with the Big Boyz. Just watch out for Tom Wing on the CR500. Just bout took out 4 of us at Prescott.

Good Luck this weekend, I'm going to SpeedWorld tomorrow.


All I know is that I don't plan to line up next to Wing-man, that 500 rattles my brains on the gate! I should be able to hold my own until F-Pilot gets back in the mix. :)

Have fun at SW, you should think about coming to Sarival on Sunday. The club is giving away 2 entry fees to one of the CA OT races in October. You have to be there to be entered in the drawing.

G, are you coming to Sarival?

How 'bout you, Maico?

X, you will have to work hard to stay with Tom. He doesn't like to jump but he sure wicks up that 500 everywhere else. I think we will have some good races when I return, looking forward to it!


'00 YZ426F


Hey guys, we will all be no shows this weekend.

Bear and archery deer season open in Unit 27

on Friday.

All you need to do is mount a gun rack on your handlebars. :)

If anyone wants to join in, give me call.

And I thought you were going to Speedworld this weekend Maicoman... :)

Nope, no Air Sarival for me, trying to cut back on spending until my new business starts kicking in. Been riding every thurs at SpeedWorld keeping in shape as you get more ride time vs racing.

On a different note I had a pretty big crash last week, can't even remember when my last "good one" was. I'm looking at it in a way that I "was due", just to keep me honest.


My front end knifed in 4th gear heading INTO the big mound jump. Pummeled me right into the face, and I got pretty banged up and was thru for the day. I contribute it to two things:

1) I stayed up all night w/o sleeping as I wasn't sure I was going or not. Was washing my bike at 2am in the morning to leave at 4:30. Yea I know it was pretty stupid of me and I won't be doing that again. :D

2) The front tire on my 20" is too small and my front end is constantly over-steering. I have just purchased a monster M-59 Bridgestone that is actually taller than a 21"!! That should cure that problem, as so far I have not been happy with the 20" wheel, now with the extra meat I can run lower psi and get more traction to the ground which is why I went with the 20 in the first place.

Good Luck on Sunday guys and say hi to the gang for me. Hope your feeling better F-Pilot.


Moto to Live

Live to Moto



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Take care of yourself G. Not the smartest thing to ride on no sleep brother! I haven't seen you fall since I've known you, you must have been pretty loose. What do you mean by the front end knifing, haven't heard that term before and I definitely don't want it happening to me!

G-Man, we'll miss you at Sarival, I can't ride but have been having fun just watching and cheering on Paul and Mike.

I know what you mean about being due! I hope this knee counts even though I didn't hit the ground because its been awhile for me too!

New biz? As in self-employed? Good to hear you got something going.


'00 YZ426F



Originally posted by RacerX:

Take care of yourself G. Not the smartest thing to ride on no sleep brother! I haven't seen you fall since I've known you, you must have been pretty loose. What do you mean by the front end knifing, haven't heard that term before and I definitely don't want it happening to me!


Yea I thought I was 16 again by staying up all night and going riding. The problem with AZ in the summer is you havta get up at 3:45am to be at the track by 6!!!! Wasn't sure I was going so at 2am (I was up anyway) I decided to wash my bike and clean my air filter!!! LOL

Knifing the front-end means your bike is over steering.

My crash went like this I was coming out of the pit jump on the far end of the track heading into the big camelback hump. Dan had disked the track really good and if you went off the main line it was really soft dirt.

Went to go around a slower rider and wasn't prepared for the soft terrain. My front end knifed (turned sharply to the right) and catapulted me into the face of the jump!!

Never saw it coming; next thing I know is I'm on all fours gasping for air!! LOL

Got the usual road rash and banged up my shoulder pretty good. I have no idea why anyone would ever ride w/o shoulder pads cuz surely I would have broken something w/o them.


Thx Yea I'm tired of corporate America and all the bs and layoffs that go with it. I am trying a new career (Personal Financial Analyst) and so far things are going great! I have done 6 Re-Finance Loans and saving my friends and neighbors a lot of $$ and getting them out of their mortgages 8-15 yrs earlier. If you know anyone who is purchasing a new home, needs a Re-Fi, or Investment advise have them give me a call. We are aggressively hiring part time and full time people too!

Spread the word to the AZOTMXers too!

Here is the Website, check it out. We do FREE FNA's Financial Needs Analysis, (we come to your house) basically a road map to your retirement to see if you’re on track.





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