Scotts Oil Filter

I just bought a new 01 about 6 weeks ago, and love it! It replaced a CR500 and XR600, I rode the XR with my kids and the CR with friends, this bike does it all, and thankfully I haven't had any problems at all.

I just recieved a new Scotts Oil Filter in the mail today and noticed that it only has a rubber grommet on the outboard side, my stock filter has one on both sides. They are both the same height when compared on my bench so probably not a big deal. Thought that I would just double check with some of you who run the Scotts.


yep, they are like that. The rubber grommet will unglue after a while. That is my only complaint other than cost

It's not suppose to have the rubber grommet on the inboard side. I think this actually allows oil to better flow around the filter. The stock filter (w/ the rubber grommet on the inboard) tends to fill in the little oil channels. I think with the added filtering capacity of the Scotts and subsequent flow resriction compared to the stock filter they wanted maximum oil flow around the filter for better saturation. The Scotts filter does make the stock one look like a tinker toy though.

My grommet cam off as well. I use a dab of assenbly lube to hold it on when I put the cover back on. To make things go a bit smoother and less messy, I put a sturdy eye bolt in the joist above my work area and use one end of a tie-down attached to the handlebar and the other to the eye bolt to lean the bike way over on it's left side. This keeps oil from running out all over the engine, plus gravity keeps the filter in place so that I can easily slip the cover into place without the filter tilting to one side.

Boit, I found some heat resistance adhesive works pretty good to keep the grommet mounted permanently.


That seems like alot of extra work to put an oil filter in. I don't have problems, To change the filter, takes me 2 to 5 minutes. Piece of cake

dirtbikebd....I'm always taking my time so this little routine is right up my alley. I like to inspect everything while I'm in that area and look for anything that shouldn't be. . . cracks, leakage, etc. My sweetheart says I'm persnickety. She's right.

GA426.....what is the name of that adhesive? I'm tired of using assembly lube everytime.

Boit, I think I used superglue when mine fell off. This is definitely a design flaw. It should be a stepped rubber washer, so it can sit in a groove in the aluminum body. That way it would be held in place, no adhesive necessary.

JB Weld is wonderful for this type of repair. I once repaired a hole in the case with it and it held for years. It won't work on exaust because it get too hot. Make sure to get the area very clean, and it should last.

JBWeld is AWESOME stuff. I once packed a stripped case hole with it and let it cure for a couple days. Then drilled it out and retapped it to the original size and it worked awesome!! I was able to torque to the 40ish 'lbs needed afterwards.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

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