Tight Screws

Just purchased an 02XR650R in process of uncorking and found several bolts way over-torqued by the factory. The 4 screws holding the carb float bowl are so tight the metal starts to turn to mush. Factory spec is 1-1/4Ft-lb. Anyone have any ideas to remove? Bike is unbelievable out of the box I love it! Need to get the new jet needle and clip position in. Thanks for any suggestions.

They arent overtorqued really, but the steel screws in the aluminum carb body tend to freeze. I would just get them out however you can and replace them with stainless allen head bolts. And some anti seize would help too.

I have had the "pleasure" of uncorking several XRs, I've had to use a hand impact w/new phillips bits on more the one occasion.

After I rounded out all the screw slots on the carb float bowl. I just took the whole carb off the bike and grabbed the small screws on thier sides with a pair of pliers to loosen them free(replaced them). The small screw that holds the needle in the slide was the one to be carefull with. It is very soft, and there is not much room to work in there. I think I ended up cutting a slot in the top of the screw and it finally coming loose.

Ride On! :)

check out the archives for lots o stuff on uncorking....

b53e--third or fouth setting for clip, 68s, 175 main

Best is to slap on an Edelbrock...

Best is to slap on an Edelbrock...

That is the best idea of all! :)

Worth the $$$$ for me!

Hey Guys!

Thanks for all the help. I purchased some new screws today and will attack that carburator this weekend. :)

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