Does anybody know of a place i can get a lighting kit,or just a stator, for my 01 YZ426?

You could try this company. I inquired about their part a couple years ago and I think it was around $200.

Also Moose has one. I wouldn't be surprised if its the same part. Their's is around $200. I bought a 2001 YZ426F with the Moose one already on it. Works well but is not the most powerfull.

Both of these units put out around 40W.



01 YZ426F, 99 YZ400F, 86 XR250, 76 RD400, 71

Heavily Modified Z50 has a stator for a 2001 WR426 that will fit your YZ for about $150. It has a 120 watt lighting coil on it. That may be the most cost effective way to go, unless you need power for HID lights.

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