what is this part and its problem (video attached)

hey guys i am still waiting on parts for my wr450 to come from Yamaha America for my smashed right engine case but i am making sure it is good to go as soon as these parts come and i tried to see if it would wind over but it is just clicking and making weird noises from this little relay thing

can anyone tell me what it is and i have attached a video of it trying to start,




It has a fully charged battery and i even had a jump pack hooked up to it and it still wouldnt start still does the same clicking noise.

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That is the starter relay. If the bike will not start, first confrim the battery has at least 12.8 volts. Itf it does, thestarter relay or the motor itsef could be bad. It could also be a loose wire.

Definitely a dead battery :thumbsup: . Get a new one.

Definitely a dead battery :thumbsup: . Get a new one.

well it is fully charged and even with a jump pack on it still does the same and has 12.6v .

I had the same thing happen, and i thought it was a bad battery but the strange thing was it only did that when it was very cold out. (winter in kansas) I did nothing, same battery, moved to vegas and never did that to me again.

well it is fully charged and even with a jump pack on it still does the same and has 12.6v .

Is the 12.6 volts at rest after charging? If so the battery is dead,it has a bad cell. I just went through this same thing. I cleaned all contacts,checked conections,charged battery. Made the same noise and would barely crank with a jump pack on it. Put in a new battery,problem gone. It needs 12.7 volts at rest,which means like an hour after you pull the charger off.

My bike had the exact same problem. I did all the same checks you are doing. I replaced the batter and BINGO good to go. :thumbsup:

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