Maybe a class action lawsuit would help??

I'm contacting a Southern California attourney on Monday. Yamaha has had enough time to issue a recall; their customer service dept is horrible..... "We have no obligation........there have been no failures after the fix has been performed....blah blah!!" I know I probably won't see a cent, but it's the principal now. I bought my bike Oct. 5th, rode it once and has been in the shop ever since. The jury is still out on the unnamed dealer who told me, "there is no problem." I just want to start riding again without worrying about pushing.

This has to be a new thing for the factories. By that I am talking about the internet.

10 years ago a person would have sat home thinking they had a bad bike. The only one.

Do you guys think this sort of communication will change the way factories deal with problems? Going back to the beginning I can remember threads starting about the key issue almost the day after the first bike was brought home.

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