Wheel Conversion Help

Hey all, I was wondering primarily if yz250f wheels fit on late model yz450f's? I have a 2008 yz450f and was wondering off of what bikes do other wheels fit directly on? Is it just a question of spacers or does it entirely need a new custom axle, different bearings, etc. I came across a set of great condition stock kx250f wheels with the green hubs and was wondering what I would need to do to get them to fit or just any other wheels in general. Any help would be appreciated!

Here's everything (more or less) you need to know regarding Yamaha wheel interchange. I have no idea off the top of my head whether Kawasaki stuff can be readily adapted.


The YZ250F used DID rims for several years, and the rears are narrower at 1.85" than the 2.15" the 250 and 450 use.

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