Unbiased WR450 observations...

Just had a great time on a WR450 at a "Night-time Hare Scramble", last night. This thing was STOCK with all the "Un-corking" done, except for "the Grey wire". It also had the Yamaha "R" Aluminum Baffle.

No jetting changes, YET!

So, I get "Talked into" riding this thing. Great bike! Terrible settings from the factory!

It seems the owner did all the mod's I'd downloded from here EXCEPT the suspension set-up! :D


The Forks, std settings and all, work better for hard charging, than YZ forks! Go figure! :D They seemed to need a few clicks (3-5?) of rebound and maybe 1-2 of compression. Spring rates seemed pretty good for fast off-road/some moto. Are WRs srung heavier than YZs? If so, I like it!

Now, the rear :D

Did Yamaha hire the "Anti-Rebound" crowd from Showa? This thing pogo'd like an XR400!; Yet, it was under-sprung! In other-words: No rebound Dampening, very little Compression and too soft of a spring...could be wrong on the spring, might get away with dialing in some compression, too. Nah, I'd want more spring and dampening all around!

BTW, I didn't get a chance to do ANY clicking; Yet, I could tell that this bike is "All There" with some dialing.

What amazes me is that ANYONE who spends a decent amount of time Off-Road would opt for a YZ!

Great Head Light/Tail Light


18" Rear Wheel

THE Button

Bigger Tank ("Too Wide" statements, please, compared to what? :D)

O-Ring Chain!


Spark-Arrestor! (Stainless, Too!)


5 FULL gears and Wide Ratio, Too!


Did I mention...THE BUTTON :D:):D

Gawd, what a cool scooter! All for only $100 more than the "4-speed"?

Oh, I say Stock in reference to no performance mod's (Unless you're gonna get picky about the baffle...).

It has Tag Big Bars on Universal Adapters with Barkbusters (I was "Sure" the bars would be Too Hi, I was wrong. Low bars on the adapters works fine, maybe a little too high for me; But I'm only 5'9", 180, Exp...The owner is 6'1", 250, Nov.).

What a great Bike. You guys have a great scooter!

Manny :D

BTW, I got "Fastest Lap" against some 520s, 650s, etc...WRs are Hot-Rods in Drag :D :D

Good post. I agree completely. My bike was a dog from the dealer - but with the mods, if flat out rips!

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