1999 WR400 Grey Wire Mod?

okay i was planning on doing the grey wire mod to my 99 WR400, but i have a problem. there's 3 sets of wires coming out of the CDI box. 2 of the sets go to a 6 prong connector. the last one goes to a 2 prong connector so i'm pretty sure that's the one i have to use. it has a grey wire and a black wire with a white stripe on it. but here's the dilemma. the connector goes in with 1 grey wire and 1 black like i said but on the other side of the connector, only the black wire comes out. the hole where the grey wire goes in has no wire in it but has a plug in it. so what do i do, did someone already do the mod? do i still have to pull the grey wire? or did it come stock with the wire pulled?

here's what the connector going in looks like-


and here's what it looks like on the other side-



according to the wiring diagram, it shows what you are displaying in the pictures... 2 leads in.. one wire out.. I don't know why.

I'm thinking the grey wire mod refers to newer generation bike.. ie.. 426's and up.

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