06-09 YZ450F Engine mounts

Hi guys, I have a custom project and I need some help. I am trying to power something with an 06-09 YZ450F engine, and am in the planning stages right now. I am in Kuwait working for a year, don't have any access to a bike over here to measure myself and am trying to get all my ducks in a row for when I get home to get this project going. I have a few things to sort out right now, mainly the width of the machined bosses on the engine that the bolts pass through, including the width with the flanged bushings installed for the swingarm. I also need the inside diameter measurement of those swingarm bushings, and if you could measure from the flat bottom of the engine, the vertical measurment to the centerline of all these mounting holes. If you coud help me out with this that would be super, I'd like to draw up a simple diagram with these measurements so I can start designing a frame. I have been lurking on TT for a while, as I have an WR250X and I love that bike. Thanks in advance everyone!

Hey I have my engine out of my frame, I'll see if i can help you out... I'll measure it tomorrow.

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