Hi guys.does any one know if the rads from a 2009 wr450 will fit the 2011 wr , looking at the performance rads on EBay , but sellers only doing these rads upto 2009. Seems a good up grade at a bargain price. Any feedback on these rads would also be gratefully received ,many thanks Cliff. Sorry if this has been covered, I'm new!!!!!!! Have searched to no avail!

Correct, 07-11 are the same

I crushed a rad on my DRZ400 a few months ago and bought a pair of the ebay ones that were only $110 per pair delivered. When they arrived I was very impressed with the quality. All welded instead of crimped. Beefed up and enlarged a little, and the cores were quite a bit deeper than stock. I'm sure they had better cooling capacity than stock.

If you're trying to increase your cooling capacity I think they'd help. The bonus is you could probably sell the used OEM ones and make a little profit, pretty cool to make $$ on an upgrade for a change.

I just checked my ebay history, but didn't see the seller info listed.

I've got a pair on my 426, a pair on my son's WR250, and a pair on my 97WR250 pinger...can't go wrong for the price. Welds are strong but ugly, took a little "tweaking" to get all of 'em to fit (particularly stub angles for the hose connections), and the ones on the 426 had to be "finessed" with a die grinder to fit DeVol Radiator guards, but they do take a beating and have a lot more capacity than stockers. Still, for price and perfromance, you can't go wrong...more than worth the hassles of fitment. Though there are several sellers on e-bay, I would guess they are all manufactured at the same plant in China.

Thanks for the info guys, ordered!!!!

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