When changing the needle clip position I put the needle and clip inside a plastic sandwich bag. Then work from outside the bag. If you finger-fumble the clip it won't fly away!

To clean up old spark plugs, just spray with oven cleaner, let sit for 24 hours, and then use some brake cleaner to rinse off... dress the electrode with a points file, and then set the gap... good as new...


Geez...this post was from nearly a year ago, but it was timely and was thinking about offering this suggestion. I've made list of race day items to make sure I have packed. There is a sinking feeling when you forget the simplest of things to bring to the track. I made this list and keep it in my truck's console to scan over quickly before I leave the driveway. It works well and has saved me headaches. The list is: (and edit as you see fit)







knee brace


ankle brace


chest protector

kidney belt(s)

ear plugs


fork tie-down support



soft tie-downs


chain lube

triangle or center stand

brake fluid



ice chest


vitamins(prescription drugs)

snacks, food

chair, stool, table

hat(for covering ugly sweaty helmet head)

tap water jugs for washing the sweat and dirt off

This list fits my personal needs. There has not been a single time when I've left for the track that I didn't run through this list and see something I forgot. This list saved my day.

Bill, I just got done smoking a HDM with a couple Coronas, came in the house and saw your post. Man, what timing - Your a good man.

Originally posted by mor:

1. i cover my air box with a women stocking on top, it keeps the dirt out and still let the air get in...

Son, you've got a panty on your airbox.


Gees All these answers what can I add

Oh I got one

Dont post picks of you crashing on this forum

These guys are brutal :D

Mor Glad to see ya reregistered :D

How Ya doing ? Sorry have not kept up been real buzy at work with upgrades this last two weeks.

Oh Ya Boit:

Mor advice on the panties, Make sure your wife has THROWN THEM AWAY FIRST Big mistake if ya dont. :)


I was gnna add a pic of the slide hammer I use to remove bearing races, "BaddaBing BaddaBom"

But I did not want to start another flame with Stevo Jacov :D me Bad

[ June 08, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]


Great post. I have a technique for keeping your bike looking good and help keep the dirt from building up under the fenders and on the frame. This works really good when it rains at the Hwy 90 LA supercross track near your house. I hate black jack mud.

I use the spray on wax (Turtle Wax Formula 2001). It makes the plastic look like new. The dirt does not stick to it. What does stick washes off real easy. Most time the remaining dirt falls off as soon as you start the Blue Beast. Don't use it on your rims if you are attached to the painted on Tukasago EXCEL labels.

Bill, I like your style. I enjoy kicking back and enjoying a Cigar on the way home from the races. I also enjoy a single malt and stogy after I wash the beast.

Ride On

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