WR426 stalls when the clutch is pulled

I recently bought a 2002 WR426 (less than a year ago). The bike has been running good, but last time I rode it, it would stall whenever I would pull in the clutch. Before this last ride, I had never had this problem. The bike was warmed up when this happened.

After stalling the bike was very hard to start, but I think this may be due to the stalling. When I got the bike running again, it would idle just fine.

Any ideas on why the bike would stall when I pull in the clutch?

Kickstand safety switch? Just guessing as I never owned one.

no, it doesnt have a kickstand safety switch. any other thoughts?

kill switch shorting out? May be just a coincidence that you are pulling in the clutch and wiggling something in there. Is it just pulling the clutch in , or pulling clutch and putting it in gear? if your putting it in gear and its stalling, you may need to adjust clutch or replace plates.

ya it could be something with the kill switch. I wasnt thinking about that. It just stalls when i pull the clutch it. it stalls before i try to put it back in gear so i dont think it has anything to do with the plates. I'll check on the kill switch. anyone have any other ideas if thats not the problem? Thank you guys for the help

now that I think about it, I dont think its the kill switch, because it doesnt stall when I pull in the clutch to shift out of neutral...

So does it lurch forward then? Obviously something must be dragging somewhere in the trans and is killing your engine if it only does it when in gear.

yeah your clutch is not clutching properly then, needs adjusted. If the manual adjustment doesnt go far enough, your plates are too worn and will need replaced.

If it just started doing it all the sudden,you need to pull the plates and check them. You may have a broken one or something like that going on.

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