jetting 01 426

im living at 8000 thousand feet and ride to 10. when i first got my bike it was fowling plugs. the stock main jet was 162 and the pilot 42. right now i have a 152 main jet with the needle in the last position,1. pilot 1 turn out. its not fowling plugs anymore but it is running crapy, it was popping so i turned the pilot out 1 turn to stop that, but bottom to mid breaks up. any suggestions would greatly be apprciated. thanks-alex

Alex, I also have an 01' YZ 426. I live at sea level, so the stock jetting works fine for me. However, I just came back from a trip to Colorado where I was riding anywhere from 5000 ft. up to 13,000 ft.. I had a 152 main, a 38 pilot, and the clip on the needle in the 2nd position. I didn't fool with any screws, or anything else. The bike ran pretty good with this set up, it was still a little rich up around 12,000 ft but it ran smoothly.


thanks for the info john, i will try the settings and let you know how they work.-alex

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