What kind of pipe?

i have a 2006 yz 450 and im wondering whats the best pipe for it for power gain and also sound i don't want it to be quiet!

DRD is what I have on mine, no complaints.

I run a drd on my 09 and I love it. And plus the price of the system doesn't break the wallet either. Their prices are pretty reasonable. Now if you get into titanium that's a different story.

Where is the cheapest place online to get a DRD aluminum slip on?

I have a FMF factory 4.1 with the power bomb header on my 06 and i love it helps out a lot with the whole power range!

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Got the DRD full system for my 09. What's a good baseline for jetting with this pipe at sea level?

for the 06-07 years a slip on really wont do anything in terms of power. the stock system does a decent job. in the 08-09 years you can get away with the slip on as the new pucture core design limits the bike dramasticly.

In short for the 06-07 go with a full system. Dr.d are great pipes ive ran a few. I personaly like the pro-circuit pipes but that is personal choice. another good choice is MRD dave has great customer service and offers a lifetime warrenty if u jack it up he will fix or replace.

I've got a full T-4 system from Pro Circuit, most beautiful noise I've ever heard. Not obnoxiously loud, but sure as hell ain't quiet!

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