oil , coolant combo after quick inspection

hey guys, my 07 yz450f skipped five teeth on my exhaust cam and 2 teeth on my intake. :lol: I thought that my valves if not my valves, piston and pumkin would be toast. I got lucky! and i found out i have hot cams. :thumbsup: everything looks great, a little burn on the valves but ill take it over rebuilding my top end.

any way i just bought my new timing chain, tensioner, spark plug, gaskets, and a oil filter. But before i put things back together (using my manual) is there a specific oil and coolant i should run. im not an idiot, i just know that these bikes run warm and i ride single track alot, in return didnt know if there was a better oil and coolant then what factory manual tells me. :thumbsup:

i can put up some pictures of how my valves and piston looks if you guys want to see also :thumbsup:

Search for oil threads..... there are plenty. Also quite a bit of debate on coolant as well.

FWIW, i run Amsoil oil and Engine Ice coolant. you'll get 10,000 variations of what people think is best... I just know i won't run Yamalube in my bike.

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