Debris in bottom oil filter bolt threads

Has anyone been having any trouble with the bolt feeling like it was pulling half the threads out? Both my bikes have the same scary, gritty, I-don't-want-to-buy-a-new-sidecover feeling :)



01' WR426

99' YZ400

87' FZR1000

Uh, like twist the throttle...

The first time I cleaned the oil filter on my 01 426 the bottom bolt came out really hard. It was kind of like it had lots of tread lock on it. When I got it out the threads were rounded on the bolt. I just ran a tap (i think 6mm) in to clean up the treads on the side cover and took the bolt out of my 99 400 for the 426.

I am just careful not to overtighten the bolt and bought a new one for the 400. Maybe the bolt was over tight from the factory to start with.

Have had no prob. since.



01 YZ426F, 99 YZ400F, 86 XR250, 76 RD400, 71

Heavily Modified Z50

My '01 had the same feeling when I tried to put the bolt back in (felt find coming out) and I believe that it was caused by some of the metal shavings from the oil filter dropping into the bottom bolt hole as the oil drained from the oil filter area. I didn't force it in and was able to clean the stuff out, but if your threads are rounded already then you may want to try jbirds idea and run a tap into the case and get a new bolt or run it through a die to fix up the threads. Don't overtighten, only 10nm!!

Ty Davis sells a fix for this, a small bolt that threads in to top so no metal falls in to threads.

if u buy this month issue of dirt bike it explains the problem and ty davis's fix, something like a drain hole causes little metal shavings to fall into the threads and strip the bolt when u pull it out, tys fix is to tap the small drain hole and plug it, its in the 101 riding tips of dirt bike

Can you tell us more about it? Is it a stud to replace the socket head bolt?

Originally posted by vs:

Ty Davis sells a fix for this, a small bolt that threads in to top so no metal falls in to threads.

mat, isaw the 101 tips but dont trust it - to tap an oil hole in the engine...

what do u thinks, and if its safe - where can i get that bolt/tap?

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