sprocket sizes?

For the scrambles in MO/KS, I run 13/50 combo. It works real good for anything they can throw at you. You will notice more shifting, but climbling techincal sections are much easier. Also, if you know you are going somewhere that higher speeds are capable it is a 5minute swap to put the stock counter shaft sprocket back on. I go back and forth between the 2 diff sizes. Motoxing with the lower gearing really has you shifting but you can run more outdoor style courses in 3rd and up.

i would add to the rear instead of take away from the front sproket because a larger front sproket is susposed to last much longer and help the rear sus. work better also.

hey guys, im about to buy some renthal sprockets for my bike and was thinking of droping a tooth from 14 to 13 on the front sprocket. i want more torque in the low end also thinking this will allow me to use more then just first gear all the time. or should i add 2 teeth to the rear instead? im not sure of the difference. stock is 14, 49. any suggestions?thanks-alex

YZF is correct. When you have a smaller front sprocket, the chain has to pivot to a more extreme angle, wearing the o-rings and plates at a quicker pace. It also lengthens the wheelbase, and creates a large gearing gap, compared to changing one or two teeth on the rear sprocket (one front tooth=three rear teeth).

For a little more snap, one additional tooth (on the rear) is usually enough.



01' WR426

99' YZ400

87' FZR1000

Uh, like twist the throttle...

I have a 51 on the rear with a 14 in the front on my 01' YZ 426, and I absolutly love it. Works great in the mountains of PA, and the bike still pulls my friends CR 250 in straight.


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