I have two weeks until i hit the mountains and am due for a clutch too begin the season. I have a 08 yz450f that i ride in the mountains and tight trails which gives the clutch a workout.I've already done the sprockets but still have clutch to do. What are your guys thoughts on throwing in a hydraulic, really don't want too go rekluse. Any ideas or opinions on hydraulic?

The only thing the hydro clutch does for you is eliminate the need to watch over the free play as the clutch heats and cools. That might be enough to extend its life a bit, especially if you use low cost replacement plates that expand excessively compared to the premium ones when the get hot.

Why not go with the Rekluse? Asking out of curiousity.

Besides using OEM steels and frictions for durability have you looked at flywheel weights?

I just put a DP kit in my 09 and I'm not too happy with it. I got 70 hours outta the stock plates and springs with no problems and I can already tell that the DP ones are gonna be a pain in the ass. I go from no free play to about a half inch pull before it engages in one ride session. I rode about 15 minutes yesterday on a sx track, took a 10 min break and went back out and it was slipping. So I wouldn't recommend DP clutch kit for tight trails!!! I'm regretting not just getting Oem kit for less money now!

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