Kick Start Lever

Hi all,

Used to visit and read all the time but its been a long time. The reason I am writing this is due to my kick start lever. It is not broken but since I've owned it the part where you put your boot to kick has been worn down badly. Like the "ribs" and such to keep you boot on when kicking are almost gone. On dry days it is fine but if my boot is even slightly wet my foot just slipps off when kicking, making for some frustrating moments on the trails. Is there any aftermarket place to get a good one or someplace decent to get a good stock one? Or should I take it to a fab shop and have them try to weld new "ribs" on?

Yeah if you can take it to someone that can Tig weld it that would suffice. Also pull it apart clean it spotless and get them to dob some weld down near the knuckle where it wears out (stop contact) and file back so as the lever is at a more favourable angle, this will also help keep your boot on it while starting.

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Would grip tape work for you?

go to bike bandit or IMS makes levers that not only look great, but work great as well.

Thanks for the replies!

I'll check those sites out, Grip tape might work, I was gonna save having it welded up as a last resort for now.

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