Chain rubbing shifter

Does anyone else have a problem with the chain rubbing the shifter by the shift shaft ? The chain is tightened to specs. I replaced both sprockets with AFAM parts and replaced the chain with a DID 520VM X-ring. Anyone else with same setup? I don't know if the offset of the AFAM counter sprocket is less than the stocker. I didn't have the problem till I replaced the chain and sprockets.

Thanks for your help


'99 YZ400F

I can't see how it's possible unless you are missing the lower chain roller. Are you?

The lower chain roller is there, a bit worn though, but I wouldn't think enough to rub the top of the shifter

I took a close look at my '01 tonight and the only possible way that I see that the chain could rub the shifter is if you either 1) Had a super monster front sprocket, or 2) routed the chain incorrectly and under the frame bar next to the foot peg and under the bottom chain roller. Otherwise I don't see how the chain would ever reach the shifter... Are you sure it's tightened to spec?

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