Vortex ignition

This is an E-mail I received from Thumper Racing down here in Marshall, Texas if anyone is interested.


Hope you all have been {u-all} able to get out and do some riding.We here at Thumper have been doing a little riding and testing.We have been working on the YZF/WR250 hard starting problem and think that we have got some anwers.We have found that the bike starts up when it is cold but after it gets warm and you have a flame out it can be hard to start. We have kicked and kicked and the only way we could get it to start was to bump start it.We have seen this before with other bikes the KLX250 and the 90-91 DRs.We found that buy shorting the kick starter we could make the bike easier to start. We did this on the YZF/WR and it did help but it could still be hard to start at times.The problem is that the ignition dose not have enough spark energy at the speeds that we can kick the bike over.We have been told that YAMAHA is changing the ignitions for 2002.The fix wouild be to stall a 2002 box on your 2001 if YAMAHA dose make some changes.Then one of our customers who has a 290 kit !

told us about a VORTEX programmable ignition that made his bike start easier and run better.After talking with the guys fron Vortex they felt the same way as we did about rhe spark energy at low RPMs.We tested their ignition and found that the bike started much easier than with the stock ignition.This weekend I took one of my riding buddys out with me to do some testing he rides a KTM 2 stroke and dose not know how to start a four stroke he had no problem at all starting the bike if he stalled it or we dropped the bike it started after 1 or 2 kicks.We are

real happy about this and if any of you would like more info give me a call and i will go into this more.1-903-938-3340




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