baught 08 yz450f low hours, bike smokes ?+ ticking noise? HELP!

i am new to the 4 stroke scene. i found a 2008 yz450f with a claimed 11 hours on it. bike looked new verry little case wear foot pegs were perfect original sprockets and chain in good condition original tires. i started the bike and listened to it run for a couple of minutes sounded great. the only thing that was done to the bike was it had the stock muffler taken apart and a usfs leagle spark arrester bolted on. apparently it was never rejetted. although he said it was. i found out otherwise apon further investigation. rejetted (JD jet kit) the bike added a fuel screw (flex jet) changed the oil. bike has a verry apparent clack/tick when warm. it only does it when it is warm what is that. any ideas? i think that the bike smokes too much when warm and under a load. or if you snap the throttle a couple of times when not in gear.

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Please help how?

specifically i am wondering what would cause the ticking and the smoking. sorry if i was unclear in my initial post

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The noise complaint is hard to answer because healthy YZ450's are notoriously noisy in the first place. If you're not familiar with the bike, It's hard to tell if it has a problem or not. It's best to compare with a couple others, or ask someone who rides one what they think.

Skid plates will make a bunch of noises much more audible, too, so if it has an aftermarket plate, you might want to see what it sounds like without it.

Some noises can be a serious problem, and some can be related to smoking.

You have to be sure if it's oil smoke or steam from burning coolant. They look different, and they smell very different. Which do you think it is?

thank you for your advice. you were right i checked the skid plate on the bike it was loose and when i tightened it up the noise got consirably quieter as far as the smokeing goes after riding it for a couple of hours the bike does not smoke anymore.

i got the 08 yz450f and it smokes sometimes when warm but stops after awhile. I was told that when they sit for awhile like mine did the valve stem seals leak and the oil is burnt off when you rev it . not sure if thats your case. Mine doesn't make any tick nose either

Blue smoke on a cold engine when blipping the throttle that clears when the engine is warm is likely valve seals. If not excessive it is safely ignorable. It can be fixed when the motor is apart later for an overhaul.

I can't comment on the noise.

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