Anyone familiar with Morgan Hill area?

I'm wondering what the area south of San Jose, specifically Morgan Hill is like. Is there any trail riding within a hundred miles? Is it heavy vegetation or desert like? Can a regular Joe on an average salary afford to live there or would he want to live there? What's the racing scene like as far as diversity. Is there dirt track, roadracing speedway and MX? What are the local roads like? Can a guy on a sportbike get lost in some canyons and rail or is it all built up?

Roostn in Denver

Hello Roostn67 "What In The Wide World Of Sports Is A Going On Here"? Why would you want to move from COLORADO to the Silicon Valley :) (Road Riding) Yes there is some good riding within 30minutes. (Racing) Your about 30-45 minutes from LAGUNA SECA RACEWAY I think they still have an MX Track there. Your 30 minutes from METCALF PARK CA OHV Park to the north and HOLLISTER HILLS CA OHV Park to the south ( upper ranc has MX & Cross Country Racing) You are also about 1.5 hours from CLEARCREEK Riding area, it is in the PINNACLES NATIONALMONUEMENT (the hold the QUICKSILVER NATIONAL ENDURO There) Your also about 90 minutes or more from PISMO BEACH. I don't know what kind of riding there is on the Central Coast. Try these sites for more info. and Oh yes everywhere in Northern CA is expensive, HOLLISTER might be alittle bit cheaper then Morgan Hill about 15-20 minutes south. Good Luck

So called affordable housing in Morgan Hill or Hollister starts at or a little above $300 K , and you aint gonna get much for that price. Due to the dot coms and high tech firms nearby this is a very expensive area to live in. Traffic is gridlocked on Hwy 101 morning and evenings.


I live in the valley as well, so ditto to all the prior comments.

I also ride Club Moto in Livermore which is easier to get at than Hollister from the San Jose area. If you're in Morgan Hill or Gilroy, Holliser will mostly be the place of choice. However, during the summer it's just about useless.

And you will have to have a green sticker for MetCalf and perhaps next year for Hollister. Metcalf is small and best for quick training or testing rides, or a place to take the kids.


Not all of Nor Cal is expensive...yet! You guys are too far south. Yes you get paid the big bucks but its all relative. My house was only 70G. 3bd2bth in town two blocks from the lake.

Im also surrounded in all directions by great riding areas...actual riding parks and a few private spots(with permision of course).

After riding on a hot day just hop in the boat for some boardin.

Sure I only make 20 an hour but for that I have all this..and a 426. Life is good!


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