KTM spring on ATK WP shock

I am looking at reworking my ATK WP shock and spring setup. Looking to swap springs and valve for more of an MX setup. I have a WP 4681 shock with an unknown spring on it. it is pretty soft, and i have bottomed out a few times on the track and it bucked me pretty good. i cant seem to find any info on spring rates, or spring dimensions for the ATK. the ATK used a linkless setup, like what KTM did for some time. so i have been trying to find info and things that i could swap and use from the PDS systems. Ktm has a steeper angle on the shock mounts, so they have longer shocks, but i am more interested in the springs.

i have been looking threw some info about KTMs PDS shocks and springs. the springs that came on my ATK seem very short compared to linkage springs i have laying around. I have set the sag and im about an inch from the bottom of the threads on the shock body. so the KTM PDS springs seem to come in 240, 250, and 260mm lengths. mt original ATK spring is more around 200mm. the 250mm has the spring almost level with the top threads on the shock, but when i set the sag im sure i will tighten it down a decent amount. the 240mm length i can probably get away with very easy and set sag and be ok and still have about 3/4 of the threads below the top of the spring. 260mm is just too tall. is there any reason against using a taller than stock spring? i mean all the final locations of the spring are determined by the rate and my sag. just bouncing ideas around, so if anyone has any info to help me or to tell me otherwise, please let me know.

As long as the id is the same

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