**Utah ride, Hobble Creek Saturday 18th 10:00am **

**Utah ride, Hobble Creek Saturday 18th 10:00am **

We'll be starting 10:00am on Saturday the 18th at Kirkman Hollow, riding to Pumphouse Hill, down Sawmill, up Chase Creek (my new favorite trail) to West Portal, down center trail and then the 5th water trail. Depending on gas... maybe the 2nd water loop. About 65 miles total. Mostly singletrack, some connecting dirt roads.

Here are the directions to meet us at Kirkman Hollow:

Take the UT-77 exit, exit number 263 off I-15 towards MAPLETON/SPRINGVILLE. Go left off the interstate exit. Follow this road all the way to an unusual 3 way intersection. Turn right. You should be on Hobble Creek Drive. When you get to the mouth of the canyon, be sure to take the south fork (turn right). Here's the link to the map...


We will be about 8-10 miles up the canyon on the right side of the road. I'm driving a white dodge with a KTM in the back.

Everyone is welcome. We've had as many as a dozen riders. Post a message if you'd like to join us.

Be careful out there, thats the start of the deer hunt.

K, I'm in. Any chance we could move it to later in the day? How about noon or 1:00? It will be warmer and I would ride better with more than 4 hours of sleep. :D:):D

Hey Chris, I've got to be home by 5:00pm. Doesn't leave much time. Who needs sleep anyway :)

yamaharichey - anyone who thinks they can get a deer on the trails we're ridding are nuts. They amount of year round motorcycle and horseback riding has scared all the deer to more remote areas. All summer I've only seen one small scrawny "dog" deer. ---And I'm sure any crazy deer hunters that can't hear a pack of motorcycles, will easily see my bright orange KTM (knew that color would be good for something).

Crazy? Hahahahahaha :):D :D :D

I'm getting the feeling that some out there would rather not ride Hobble Creek due to the deer hunt?? We could switch to Cherry Creek. Any comments??

Hey man, I'm good for cherry creek too. The weather should be nice and cool. The only problem is that it is farther away and that would cut further into sleep time or cut out some riding time. Cutting out riding time is unacceptable. :) How about cedar fort? :D I'm ok with any of the three places. What about that soapstone place? Where's that at?

Chris - I'm waiting to hear from two other possible riders... whether or not they'd prefer to ride Cherry Creek. I'd be O.K. either way. Should be able to finalize today.

FYI--Soapstone will probably have even more hunters than Hobble Creek.


Hey Chris,

No word from the other two riders. Guess they bailed out. Last night I revalved and resprung my suspenders. Need to do a break-in ride before doing anything serious. Steve also just put in a new top end on his bike and needs to do a break-in ride. How does 5 mile pass/cedar fort sound? We'll be there at 10:00am tomorrow morning in the main parking lot on the nort side of the road. See ya then.

- Eric

Sorry Eric. I had no internet access until right now so I couldn't find out what was going on. That's why I wanted to get a phone number eric. Oh well, we'll try again next week. :)

Sorry didn't know you don't have easy internet access anymore. My work number is 226-5166 x216. We had a pretty good ride at 5mi pass on Saturday. About 30 miles. Mostly just breaking in the new springs and valving on my suspension. Worked great, love the changes. You able to ride on Friday afternoons? I'm out the next two Saturdays so Friday's all I've got for a couple of weeks.

Ok, I'm back on line, but I don't know if it will last. Hopefully it does. Unfortunately I have to work on fridays, so that will not work. Hopefully we'll ride again soon though, or I'll go nuts if I don't get out. :D :D


Hey MrMoto,

Could you write a couple comments on what you think of the 300-two stroke? I've got a buddy looking at one. I notice that you went from a big 4-stroke back to a 2. Was that mainly due to the weight difference?


Hey MrMoto,

Could you write a couple comments on what you think of the 300-two stroke? I've got a buddy looking at one. I notice that you went from a big 4-stroke back to a 2. Was that mainly due to the weight difference?


He's just a wuss. :D

J/K!! :):D

I switched to the 300-two stroke partly because of the weight, but mainly due to the difference in power delivery. The 520 had instant torque off the bottom - good and bad...but... after a full day of riding and being tired, I tended to crash the 520. A small blip of the throttle was all it. Mind you the 300 has plenty of power, but when I'm tired or being lazy, I ride it a gear too high and lug the engine... and small blip of the throttle won't send me into the trees (no instant torque). And as a bonus, the 300 turns better and skims the whoops better :). My personal preference... I won't go back until engineers can make the 4-strokes ride like 2-strokes.

In the end live-to-ride is right. I'm a wuss and didn't like the instant overwhelming torque the 520 delivered.

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