YZ450F 2012 Scorpion Radiator Frames and Heavy Duty Skid Plate overview

Hey all, I was so impressed with the Scorpion customer service, shipping, product and fit I figured it was a good idea to take some pics and share. I just picked the bike up last week and with everything closed due to rain I've had plenty of time to slowly put on parts as they've come in.

So, here are some pics of the parts for the 12 yz450f and some pics of how they go on/build quality.





A look at the front mounts, whos bolts are held in place by their spacers! Great idea.


Another great idea is the plate not only coming with foam, but sticky foam for the frame rails (black set next to the white foam) . Less wear and tear on the frame, less noise and hopefully less of a stressed member by adding the skid plate. I'm not sure I've seen these included on another skid plate.


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And a couple photos of it on the bike. It's a little close to the water pump, but it's also at least an 1/8" thicker than other skid plates I've seen, so I'm less worried about it. Also, it doesn't contact the drain bolt, so smashing it into a rock hopefully won't cause a leak.



Finally, the space for the drain bolt, with the foam cut out.


On to the Radiator frames! I have to say, for $130ish these are an awesome deal. They a frame and brace included. In addition the braces are ridiculously thick compared to the Works Connection braces I have on my yz250.


Reroute some of the wiring so it doesn't get smashed.


The back of the braces slides in without having to drain the radiator.


The only thing I had to do in terms of tweaking was cut the top of the louvers so the cross brace beams could fit. No biggie as the top of the louver is replaced with the solid metal beams.


Then, after the outer plate goes on, with the integrated brace, you get this (I skipped a few photos obviously, but the thread is getting pic heavy!). You can see the large cross beam in the back ground, and yes, they are massively sturdy compared to the stock, wobbly set up.


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Finally, I didn't post any good photos of it, but look at the edge of the Scorpion pieces and you'll realize how ridiculously thick they are. There are no crazy bends, no crappy welds, no bending/cutting required. Great stuff, shipped to the west coast within three days, and the guy at Scorpion was great about answering questions over the phone and shipping out same day.

I don't plan on buying another bike for a while, but if you do, look at some of his stuff. And no, I don't have any relationship with Scorpion, although I wish I did so I would have gotten a discount!!

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