99 WR400F, good or bad bike?

Hey guys i just sold my 04 raptor 660R and want a dual sport

what are the Pros and COns on the 1999 WR400F i found one local its a 99 street legal with a baja kit on it. cept the lights dont work (wiring idk yet)

it has a Full FMF pipe, jetting and air filter. along with enduro tires. for $2000 is that a good price?

it doesnt have a speedo. can i find one and put it on?

any help would be great.

im not new to bikes. just Yamaha bikes. im very familar with the Raptors thats bout it

also my other bikes.

05 crf450x

05 crf80

02 trx250ex

04 raptor 660r sold

01 cr135 race bike sold

05 crf150f sold

A lot of people love these bikes for their dependability and relatively low maintenance. The wr has a wide ratio transmission which is a little better for the street, and you can gear them down which helps with the revs just a bit. Your front wheel should have provisions for an OEM speedometer cable, but I threw an acewell unit on mine and have no complaints. A lot of people go with the Trailtech Vapor, but even a bar mount GPS or bike speedo will do depending on your laws, inspections, and how relaxed your police are.

I know the '98 model has some quirky 1 year only things, and I think the '99 has some as well, but a great thing is that lots of other parts are interchangeable from the various years of 400, 426, and 450. I would say a con is the single 400 on the street just can't handle the highway for long distances, but most try to stay away from that anyway. Depending on condition, mileage/hours, accessories etc, $2000 seems like a fair price to me.


I had a '99 WR400f and it was a fantastic bike. Just check the bottom end for noise.

They are a noisy engine to start with but they get a real clunky sound when on the way out.

There is also a specific starting method with the decompression lever if it's still got the '99 cams in it. (Can swap with '03 cams for auto decomp)

Easy to start if done properly! Will hurt if done wrong :thumbsup:

On the up side there are HEAPS of parts available and relatively cheap too.

I'm actually considering buying another one myself. I've been riding a 250f, but it's just not like the 400 beast !

The 99's in general are good bikes- but that one in particular I would pass on. $2k for a '99 with issues is a LOT of money! In my area, that bike would be a $1200-1400 bike. For $2k, you can get a MUCH newer/better kept bike.

I would pass on that one and keep looking.

Ya I could have got a 2001 wr400 in good shape for 1600

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