applied racing triple clamp and scots damper

Will they work together. Because I want to install a scots steering damper on my bike, but dont know if I need some adapter to make it fit.

I dont have the stock triple clamp. I have a applied racing triple clamp with the pro taper mount.

Anyone know? and where to buy the stuff online.

I think you can get the Scotts upper bar clamp adapter(1 piece) that fits the Applied clamps...

You will need the Scotts mount (crown).It should bolt right up to the applied clamp if you order it specifically for the XR650R. I'm just not sure if they sell the mount without the triple clamp.I use the Applied "wrap" clamp with 1.5" bar risers and the Scotts universal stabilizer mount.My stabilizer has a shorter arm and is positioned backwards. The tower bolts on where the dipstick is.Because the throttle cables route across this area, I used XR400 throttle cables (they are longer) and routed in front of the steering head.I bought my stuff from Thumper Racing (800)259-5186. You can go to or call Scotts at (818)248-2453. Hope this helps.


You can buy the bar clamp and bolt on frame bracket assembly separately.

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