Home Made Lighting


I wanted a little more lighting for my BRP for nocturnal dune operations :)

After some help from some of the fellers on this board and little trial and error I came up with this:


You can see more here:












I am using two 55 watt units. One is a flood, one is a spot. I have rewound my stator as well. I did 8 poles, 16 gauge wire, 48 turns per pole. I am guessing that I am pushing 200 watts. As I am not 100% sure my stator will push these lights (I guess I will find out once my motor is back together) but I am hopful that al will work out ok. I also have a 3 position switch, off - flood - all.

So, Whatcha Think?


:D:):D :D :D

Good Job! You wanna make me one? :)

Neat-O :)

Sweeet - how about more build details? ------- very clean :)

Be careful at night in the dunes, I too had the same idea years ago on my 600. My friend and I did the stators and got bigger lights from Baja Designs. We fiqured why not, we used to go out at night all the time on our quads. Later we realized that by the time it got dark we were way too buzzed to be out there late at night. Although it took a few endos off big dunes for us to realize we better stick to the trucks at night. I still occasionly take my 650 out at night (stock light). One time on the way to Comp hill I left the Glamis store at the same time my friend did in his Jeep and I pulled in to Osbourne road just before he did and he was on the highway!, what a rush going through all those whoops and rollers at full speed at night.

By the way, nice light!

Thanks guys!

The details are as follows:

The lights are 55 watt units that I got at 4 Wheel Parts for 19.95 a piece. The Oval tubing is 1 inch thin wall mild steel tubing. The support tubes are .75 inch thin wall mild steel. The mounting tabs and top supports are stamped units I got from a local buggy shop @ .10 cents a piece.

I bent the oval on a friends tubing bender. I basically made to "U" shaped units and spliced them together in the middle. Then it was a simple matter of welding in the light mounts so the lights are in the right place. Then I made the attach struts, eyeballing them for the correct position. I added a gusset for the switch mount and used two additional gussets for the top lamp supports. After everything was lined up I drilled the top supports and the lamp shells and then I installed nut plates on the inside of the shells to accomodate the screws. Wired it up and bingo! I was done...

If you decide to do this very easy project, just remember you would need to rewind your stator.

I have exactly 45 bucks invested in the whole project. Well worth the effort.


:D:) :thumbsup:Bitchin lookin light rig! :D I have to agree with XR/CRDave though I am too buzzed by nightfall to be riding anything. Well except maybe for....better not go there in case she reads this. :D

may be a stupid question but how are you burning off the extra juice if you turn the lights off?? It was my understanding that this was not a good thing to do.

It is my understanding that the heavy duty voltage regulator/ rectifier just shunts unused voltage to ground and disapates the energy in the form of heat. I have been running lighting this way for several months now and have had no failures.

Time will tell....

When I rewound my stator I installed a Baja Designs regulator. Works for me. :)

Unable to see the pictures in Post #1 and I don't know why. Does anyone else have pics available?




You don't have permission to access /~daveb/Pictures/XR650/light_2.jpg on this server.

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it *might* be cause you resurrected a ten year old thread. Just guessin....

lol. The solution from back then is an antique by now anyway.

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