what am i doing

i sure do love my 85 xr 600 its old and it still rips the only problem is that im getting the itch for somthing new. too tell you the truth im thinking about a drz400s is this the right move or am i making the wrong decision :)

Id have to say it depends on what your looking for if your tired of the weight of your 600 and tired of having to kick it over a million times when its flooded then the electric start and the lighter weight of the 400s would be great for you. But....

The drz is probally not nearly as powerful as the 600 i dont kmow for sure cause ive never rode one and also i dont know how bullet proof they are compared to the 600 and 650 probally not nearly because of the radiators. well just my 2 cents.

personally i would go for a 650 but thats just my biased opion. :)

Here's my two cents: The DRZ-400 is a very cool bike, I've ridden a friend's a couple of times. I think they are nice bikes, electric start, not too terribly heavy, and decent power.

BUT!! I am biased since I own an XR650R. And I think the 650R is a better bike to have in general. I say that mainly because it is sooooo powerful (uncorked of course), the old 600's arent even in the same league, not even close. Also, the 650R is great for dual sport conversion, but of course so is the DRZ. Oh well, it's a matter of choice I guess, since both are good bikes really.

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