CRF is here

Be ready for the mags to blanket us with 450 this and 450 that, we have had the spotlight for some time though. I will still credit Yamaha for breaking new ground and that alone should award loyalty. The write up said, almost non-existent engine breaking! Why buy a 4stroke if you don't get the advantage of engine breaking. For 2stroke converts it may be nice, however, engine breaking while under breaking is an energy saver in my book. More to follow I'm sure.

No big deal....bring one to the track and my'01 426 will show it a big, fat holeshot!!!

I cant wait to see what yamaha has cooking that we dont know about. I am sticking with my old blue. But you all know there will be alot of people selling their bikes to by this one. Might be able to bick up a nice thumper for a nice price. But we can let them have a little spotlight. i think that the YZ/WR will always rule.

The article says the 450F is 13 lbs less than the 426F - if so, it's about 10 lbs more than the 250F. Guess I'll keep my 250F for a while and see what the CR250F specs out at next year. My son is bugging me to let him have my YZ250F, sounds like a good excuse to get myself a new bike next year (blue or red???).

It's interesting that they think it's 10 pounds lighter. I don't have any reason to doubt them, but I thought that it was odd that they didn't site their source. Is this the "Honda" numbers, or did they put it on a scale?

In any event, hopefully someone will a more in depth review out soon, or better yet a thumper shoot out! It will be cool to see which of the bikes is actually the best in real world racing as john q public starts racing these things.

One last comment. I thought that it was funny that they claim that the 426 is "lazy" down low. This doesn't sound like my '01 at all, maybe this was a past year model?

I think we are witnessing a new breed of racing four strokes...BRING IT ON!!



01' WR426

99' YZ400

87' FZR1000

Uh, like twist the throttle...

i agree sirthumpalot, lazy down low?????who said this, there's plenty all the way thru


I have a 51 tooth rear sprocket on my

01' YZ 426, and it rips down low !!!


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