.53 or.54kg/mm fork springs 2003 450

Do you guys know where I could find them? Mine are worn and need replacing but I can't find them anywhere. The ones I will be replacing were from Race-tech but they no longer have them available so any brand will do.

For reference, I have tried the TT store, motosport, cheapcycle parts, mcsuperstore and even google searching for them and came up with nothing.


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Call or write Dave Johnson at SMART Performance Inc. at 408-406-2089 or info@smartperformanceinc.com

Thanks Gray, I just did and will let you know how it turns out.


Hey Gray,

SMART wasn't able to help, but they put me into contact with Cannon Racecraft and they have up to .52 in stock. My question is this: Since they carry them in .54 for the 2004 YZ450, could I use those? Or are the forks too different?


The '04 forks are 48mm. Yours are 46. The '04 springs are too big to fit into your forks.

Ok, thanks brother.


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