hydraulic cluch question

Hey everyone I've been thinking of getting one of those hebo units to put on my 426...so here's the question...Is the pull really that light or could I make it super easy by adding 6mm to the clutch actuator arm too? Would that be too much for the lever to take up or what?? has anyone tried this?

I moved two hydraulic clutch stings to the top. Maybe that will help ya.

I'm sure the 6mm would aid the clutch pull but what you don't get that the Hebo gives you is the fact you never have to adjust your clutch. I know on my bike the clutch engagement point would change from the start of a race to the end with the stock clutch cable set up. With the Hebo, I haven't had to adjust it in the 8 months I've had it on. The pull is incredibly light also. My buddy who has a 2001 KTM 400 wants to put a Hebo on his because my clutch pull is that much lighter than his.


99 YZ400

Hello Guys Read my post on (Hebo Install) post.

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