can someone do me a favor and do aome measurements on their 450 for me

I am looking to upgrade the rear brake master cylinder on my 98 yz400f to the newer version with the built in reservoir, because the stock one has a remote reservoir that is mounted right by the mid pipe. with an aftermarket exhaust, it heats the plastic and causes the reservoir to warp and crack. So I need the exact measurements of how far apart the mounting holes are and the plunger shaft length. and the overall size, height width depth. I work for a Honda dealer right now, and have measured the ones used on the 450's and they seem like they will fit but I imagine the yz ones will probably mount right up.

thanks in advance,

I can measure the one on my 07 tomorrow if you can wait that long...

an '03-'05 master cylinder will fit. You will have to enlarge the lower mounting hole a bit to line it up


I had the same problem, I used one from a wr250x it was a direct fit..

awesome thanks

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