Air Sarival MX - need directions...

Can any of you guys (IE. F-Pilot), tell me how to get to Air Sarival if I'm heading west on I-10 from the east valley? I know it's near Camelback and Sarival road but I don't know where to exit off I-10 and where to go from there?

Take I-10 West to Cotton Lane (About 130th ave or so, where the prison is, Also the old horse track) and go North to Camelback. Turn Right to Sarival Rd. Very easy to find.

It is under the trees on the North-East Corner of Camelback and Sarival.

I am planning on being there Sunday.

Dave S

00 426 #85 Beginner class

Yup. See you all on Sunday.


'00 YZ426F


Is this a race Sunday or open track riding. How's the knee comming Bob. Are you ever going to trail ride again??

Hey! Brenda? Did you buy a thumper or just checkin' out the forum?

My knee is doing good, starting to see/feel some improvement this last week. Yeah, I'll still trailride but usually only after a rain or to Colorado or somewhere nice!

Sunday is racing at Sarival. I believe they are running all classes.


'00 YZ426F


Thanks guys! I haven't been that far west yet on I-10, fairly new to AZ. The map shows hwy 303 just west of Sarival road, is that a good exit to go to Camelback from or should I stick with Cotton Lane? There is a prison near the track, will there be both Pro's and Con's racing Sunday????? Bad, I know... :D

Glad to hear you're starting to heal up F!

Dave, my neighbor Todd might be in your class, 250 Beginner #306 on an RM250. Let's look for each other - AZOTMX #36 with white backgrounds now. They moved me to the expert class :) and I had to peel off my big buck Decal Works numbers/backgrounds and slap some black digits on. :D

I gotta know guys, can we really leave our EZup at home with all those trees out there?

I've never driven to the track from that way but I think Cotton Lane is the 303.

I'd bring the canopy but you probably won't need it, there are alot of trees/shade.

Pro's and Con's? Geez X, can't you do better than that! :)

It does make it interesting when the F-16's are taking off over the track, I thought my motor was coming apart the first time they went over! :D


'00 YZ426F


Hey F, those Lawn Darts are nothing compared to a real jet like a "Boeing" F-15!


Yes, 303 and Cotton Lane are one in the same.

Just looked at the forecast for tomorrow and it says 112! And I thought the worst was over. F-Pilot is right, bring the EZ-UP but you may not use it.

I am planning on being there pretty early. Driving a Blue/White Chevy, #85 426, Yea, lets find each other.

See you tomorrow.

Dave S

Played 18 holes this morning, had a slight breeze and it wasn't too bad. We plan to get there around 6:15. We'll bring the EZup just to be sure. We'll be in a 2002 Cadillac Escalade Sport Ute (funny thing is it looks a lot like a maroon '96 Ford Taurus???) and my friend Todd will be in a black Tahoe.

Hey F-Pilot,

I actually got me a 250F, Really like it. Raced the Boothill Enduro (a learning experience) and been to CO two separate times on it. Still to warm to ride here. May go moto on Sunday though.

Take care.

Hey guys, can you tell me if the Air Sarival MX track has practices on week days or weekends like Speedworld does? I thought I had heard that you have to be a member to practice there. Does anyone have an info number I could call? Thanks! :)


No membership.

They have practice Sat and Sun 6az - 12pm. I know they also practice on Thursday but I dont know if it is Morning or Evening... Sorry. If no one else knows, I'll find out or get a # for you.


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