2010-12 Yamaha plastic kit

I am finally in need of getting new plastic for my 2010 450. I know Yamaha now sells a plastic kit using stock plastic. It costs a bit more than aftermarket, but I'm certain the fit would be correct since it is OEM plastic. The question I have is: are the upper shroud and tank cover pieces included in the kit? According to Yamaha's parts schematic the kit contains Fender ref 1 & 6 (front & rear), Side Cover ref 1 & 6 (left & ride side panels), 18 & 20 (left & right lower radiator shrouds). It makes no mention of the upper shrouds (Intake ref 33 & 38) or tank covers (Fuel Tank ref 28 & 29).

Has anyone ordered one of these kits, or have access to one, to let me know if these parts are included or not? If they are not included, then using stock plastic will be much, much more expensive than aftermarket.

The Yamaha plastic kit does not come with the upper shroud pieces and the tank covers. The lower shroud pieces also do not come with the tuning fork emblems.

Thanks for the response. That's what I was afraid of. I guess I'll stick with aftermarket for this time. I really like the OEM plastic and stickers, but the prices are just too high.

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