'03' wr450f intermitten spark/no spark

hi guys, ive got a 2003 wr 450f and im not getn any spark, it sparked when i plugged spark plug into coil wile i was holdin it to steel bit on bike, (M#$%^ F^%$), but then nuthin, i tested all ohms specs i could test with no running engine to manuel specs all was goog apart from 1 reading on coil i wasent to sure about, but coil worked ok on mates 2010 kawa 4stroke 250, so im guessing its cdi or stator, so i get ready to check it and i cant get crank case cover off is there a trick to it, all starter gear came out ok but it seems to be stuck on sumthin? i followed the strip down order in manuel,

1 shift pedal

2 engine gaurd (left)

3 cover (idel gear 1)

4 idel gear 1

5 bearing

6 shaft

7 crank case cover (left)

im stuck here the cover wont come off, what am i missing? would any1 no why its not coming off, thanx for any help guys

Edited by kaboobz

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