2010 cylinder damage?

I have a 2010 yzf450, a few weeks ago a had a stone go in and damage the front sprocket oil seal and it pumped all its oil out with out me knowing! I repaired it and it is running fine. The bike just reached 100 hours so i wanted to check piston, rings, valves and replace cam chain so i stripped it down.

The piston is scored quite bad but it has made some markings on the cylinder. These are very light and you can barely feel them.

Anyone had anything similar? did you replace or replate the cylinder or just let it go???


Have the cylinder measured for wear. The very top and the bottom will be the original size, and if there is no point at which it is worn more than .001", then make 3-4 quick passes with a 280 grit 95mm Flex-hone, wet with solvent. If the scratches are no longer visible, remeasure the cylinder. If the total wear of any kind is less than .002", it can be reused.

Otherwise, either plate it or replace it.

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