exhaust header

took a chance and a straight used header off of ebay for cheap since mine has a dent in it. and thanks to the guy who bid me up five bucks if you are on here. :thumbsup:

seller claimed he did not know exactly what it fit, but had bought it for his wr450 or his brothers yz450. i wanted to run it by you guys and see what you thought. have not measured anything yet, but holding it next to my old one that is still on the bike it looks similiar.

the part number stamped on my old one is y-5tj, and on this new one is y-5jg. does anyone know what it is off of, and will it fit my 2005 wr450? looks to be titanium, not stainless. but who knows.

no one?

Im almost certain it will work.

All 400/426/450 will interchange unil the Aluminum Frame models in 06 YZ

the quad header will even fit

5JG indicates it was made for a YZ426. It should fit.

oh good news! do i need anything special to change it out with? or just unbolt and bolt back on? any special goop or anything?

probably the easiest part to work on the 450 other than the side plate bolts ,It only gets tougher from here

so it definately worked. overall it was slightly shorter than the stock one. but it bolted up and fit absolutely perfectly. the only issue is the wr450 heat shield cannot be used as the holes dont line up for the screws. so i will have to come up with something for that. its a nice pipe though and fits well.

I like this guys idea for the heat sheild http://www.thumperta.../page__st__2740

post # 2753 .You could do this with what does not line up. My dremel will be hard at work making this happen

after the novelty of my new power bomb turning blue wears off : )

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