WR450F help urgently

Hey guys i got a 2003 WR 450F and i have just fitted several parts and i am having fun trying to fit them.

I got 2008 YFZ450 right engine case as my old wr one backfired and broke the case now i am trying to fit the new kick start shaft assembly now i fitted it but i tried to kick the bike over and the kick starter goes down and wnt coe back up by it self i have to pull it up.

Now i had a bit of a hard time fitting the shaft as the spring is fitted to the shaft and also making the kick axle stopper fitted into the stopper plate.

Can some one tell me how to fit this so i can make sure i have done it correctly.

I put the shaft inplace and put the spring in the hole and then wound the shaft around untill it touched the stopper plate on top....... is that correct?

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