Front brake rivets or buttons

The little rivets or "Buttons" that hold the 2 pieces of the rotor on my 09 450 have developed a good amount of play. When I hold the brake, I can move the front wheel back and forth quite a bit. I googled the problem and what I have found was it's supposed to have play because it's a floating rotor and whatnot, but on my brothers 2012, there is no play when you feel the rotor or hold the brake in and move the wheel. Is it time to replace the whole rotor? can you just buy new rivets or do you have to buy the whole rotor? also, one spoke on my rear wheel broke, is it possible to just buy one spoke? every where I've looked seems to only carry spoke kits. I was planning on riding this friday, is it safe to ride with one spoke broke?


I could be wrong but I think you have replace the rotor. I have one off a 07 that is a spare and its very sloppy but in a pinch would use it. As for spokes, Yamaha only sells the spokes/nipples in a kit (unlike honda, kawi, suzuki..etc..)

It's my understanding that the late KX/KXF spokes fit. As for the rotor, a considerable amount of movement in the assembly is OK, and you don't really need to concern yourself with it that much, but you may have some luck tightening the rivets on a flat surface.

my 2012 with 10 hours has almost the same amount of play in it as my 2006 did with a ton of hours on it.

ok, i guess i will just let the rotor go for now, would you guys ride with a missing spoke or is that kind of sketchy?

Depends on how you're going to ride it. There's no way I'd consider any really big air or hammering whoop sections with it. Probably OK for just general fun in the sticks someplace. The one broken one puts the rest of them under an increased load, and even though random failures are quite possible, they've all been in the same wheel for the same amount of time.

Personally, i wouldn't ride with the broken spoke. I know that you'll want to, but its much better for the other spokes if you don't ride on them. And my front brake rotor does the same thing yours does...i'm just letting it go. :thumbsup:

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