Anyone ever use DP clutch kit?

I just put a Dp kit in my 09 yz450f and it seems to be slipping at full throttle under heavy load. I've already tried flipping the metal plates the opposite direction( I do have them all the same way). It seems ok until it gets hot, then it slips and I have more free play the I originally set it to. I got 75 hrs out of my stock plates and springs before I noticed ANY slipping. Anybody have any similiar issues? Any help would be appreciated, wanna get something figured out before racing this weekend!

Outside of Hinson and GYT-R, I don't trust anything but OEM clutch plates.

Just shelled out another $150 (which was actually $65 less than the DP) for a Yamaha kit. Left a message with DP so hopefully they can refund my kit or something

I'm not speaking for DP in any way, but clutches have always been a tough one, warranty-wise. Clutches and brakes are usually covered against wear for a very short time if at all. The thing is that there's such a big difference in service life between clutches that are abused and those that are aren't, even if they're used hard, and the debate is always over what the meaning of "reasonable" is.

Besides riding styles, they also have no control over the installation process. Adjusting the cable linkages correctly and keeping them that way is extremely important. I wouldn't expect them to stand behind it, but there's no harm in asking.

Well I've put a few in already, not too difficult (although I snapped a bolt putting the new oem one in, lol) even made sure all the metal plates all faced the same way. I even put a new cable on just to be sure it wasn't frayed somewhere I couldn't see. It just never felt right from the start. I rode 2 practices and one race day on it hoping it just had to break in or something, but it only got worse. I had it apart twice this week to try flipping the plates but made no difference. It was fine til id be riding for over 10 minutes or so then I could just feel that the pull wasn't matching the rpm's. So I'd say I have about 2.5 hours on the Dp's, I called DP and left a message. I saw a thread that had their number and said they have great customer service so I figured it's worth a shot since it cost me an extra $250 by buying that first. I guess all the people who wrote up the good reviews don't run them in 450's? I talked to a fellow racer who had the same issue, unfortunately it wasn't prior to buying!!! Oem kit solved the problem, now I just gotta improve on my last place A class debut tomorrow! Thanks for the input :thumbsup:

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